Wellements Baby Contest Winner!!!


We wish we could have picked more than one winner because we are so honored and appreciative to have such amazing fans, but we know we couldn’t have picked a better one!! Thank you Amanda Pennington for supporting Wellements Baby!

Our Winner

Amanda who is a mother of 3 boys and has one on the way was so excited to win that she couldn’t stop crying when she found out the news. It couldn’t have been better timing for her to win since baby #4 is due in a few weeks. She first heard about our contest when a friend sent her the link. She was already a fan of our page and new all about our products. Amanda was so overwhelmed from winning that she couldn’t put into words how much this prize will help her family!  She loves that she won’t have to worry about buying diapers for an entire year! Amanda loves being a mom and enjoys watching her children grow. This holiday season Amanda and her family will be expecting the arrival of their new baby. They will also be celebrating with family and enjoying time together.

Thank You

We just wanted to take a minute to thank all of our Wellements Fans. We know that without your support we wouldn’t be able to have such amazing giveaways. Please stay connected to our page because we will be having more contests in the future.