Is Screen Time a Good Thing for Babies?


In this digital age, there is an increasing conversation about whether or not screens and tablets are good for babies & toddlers.

Let’s take a look at babies’ anatomy:  babies’ brains grow exponentially in the first 3 years and the brain triples in mass in just the first 12 months! The stimuli babies and toddlers experience during this period profoundly influence brain development. Researchers say that it is best to leverage this early physical brain growth by offering babies and toddlers opportunities to cognitively exercise their brain with active learning, beyond passive observation, such as TV watching.

The imagination needs to be exercised like a muscle in order for creativity to be developed.  And over time, children’s play became more elaborate and three-dimensional.  So, the more interactive a screen, such as an interactive app or game, the better.  However, without the draw of screens, researchers do observe that toddlers are more verbal, more social, more creative creatures versions of themselves.  At Little Spark, we encourage you and your little one to actively participate in play that is both interactive and stimulating.Little Spark Logo

Guest Blog Post by:
Susan Kim
Co-Founder of Little Sparks