4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Happiness


The first signs of the holidays show up in August. I repeat the same line in my
head each year, “Already? They already have Halloween decor in the stores?”
For some unknown reason this alone sends my brain into panic. “What will my
kids be this year?” “Where will we go?” “And of course that means
Thanksgiving is on it’s way. I better figure that out too.” The thoughts continue
until I’m thinking about summer plans and it’s still August! Phew. That was
draining and what happened to my last years resolution of being “in the
moment.” This year, when I spotted the Halloween decor after spending a
summer day at the pool, I didn’t worry. Well maybe the thoughts came, but I
told them to go away. I decided I wasn’t going to destroy the spirit of the
holidays with stress.

Looking to ruin your holiday happiness? Here’s how!

1. Loosing Yourself in Commercialism.

Let’s face it. Holiday’s mean big bucks for the economy. I will be the first to admit that it is fun to shop for and give gifts to family and friends. However, I  am realistic with my budget and expectations. According to a study, 1/3 of adults go into debt during the holiday season. I don’t know about you, but overloading my credit cards will without a doubt get in the way of my personal peace and happiness. The tradition in our home, is to pack up bags of toys and clothes to give to the less fortunate before new gifts arrive. Discussion of how lucky and grateful we are reminds us all what is truly important in life. There are so many ways to get your family involved in giving during this time. From “adopting a family” for gift giving, to volunteering in a soup kitchen, our help is needed. My intent is to create new traditions in our family that focus around “giving.”

2. Perfectionism

I love Pinterest and I hate Pinterest. As I search to add recipes for my New Years feast, I take note of everything else I need for the meal. I can’t forget decorations,kids crafts, place cards and festive napkins. The list goes on. Although, I will admit to loving the thought of doing it all, I can’t possibly find the time. As I bring myself back to reality, I again remember what’s important. A delicious healthy meal with friends and family always sounds “perfect” to me.  And let’s face it, if the food isn’t yummy no one will notice the décor! Speaking of the food, I order it. Well I order the main  dish at least. May grocery stores offer turkey, ham, or other meats that can be pre-ordered. Ordering my main dish allows me to focus on all the yummy sides and desserts.

3. Cutting Exercise Out

I get it. There is so much to do and exercise seems like the easy thing to let go of. The truth is if you keep it in your schedule, everything else will seem easier. I think of exercise as my medicine. It keeps my muscles limber and relaxed. It lowers my anxiety. It gives me more patience and kindness towards others. The list goes on. Does this sound like something that is worthy of giving up? Now way! Again, I give up on the “perfect” and strive for something meaningful. I can take a 10-30 minute walk, go through a series of yoga poses, or even close my eyes and breathe, I feel better. Studies have shown that  even 15-20 minutes of more intense exercise can burn more fat and improve endurance levels.

 4. Participating in Family Drama

For many, being surrounded by family is stressful. Again let go of perfect. No one is. The holidays tend to bring the ugly out, and I’m not talking sweaters. Choose to avoid gossip, negative talk and grudges during the holidays and all year. We are hardest on the ones closet to us while they should be who we forgive the quickest. If you need a time out, take it. Bringing humor to any situation will help decrease tension. Or better yet, think of Granny Bo’s quirks as the entertainment for the night 🙂


How will you keep smiling during the holidays this year?


Written By: Karyn Hendricksen, MS M.A.T

Karyn Hendricksen is a health and wellness enthusiast. She is passionate about gathering as much knowledge as possible pertaining to staying healthy, naturally.

Karyn’s education includes a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Specialist Certification in Muscle Activation Techniques. She loves to educate others on how fun and easy it can be to lead a healthy lifestyle through both blogging and public presentation. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her awesome husband Russ, and daughters’ Alexa and Stella. She can be found Restorative Wellness Center.