Here are 5 Simple Tips to Make Your Life as a Mom Easier

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1. Make a Plan

Every Sunday night sit down with your family and go over the upcoming week’s schedule. Let them know of any doctor appointments, sports practices, games, or other events that may affect their daily routine.

2. Get Rid of all the Extra Junk in Your House

If you don’t use it, recycle it by giving it to a friend who will use it. If none of your friends want it, donate it!! Nothing feels better then getting rid of junk and organizing your house!

3. Early Bedtimes

Kids need a lot of sleep, so don’t feel guilty for putting them to bed early. You are giving them the gift of sleep and yourself the gift of valuable alone time!

4. Use a Key Rack and Purse Clip

If you are anything like me you probably spend a good portion of your time looking for things for yourself and other family members. Keep your keys on the rack, your purse on the clip and you will have two less things to search the house for!! Yippee!!

5. Keep Extra In Your Car

You can never have enough treats, diapers, and wipes. I always travel with an extra outfit for my toddler!