Introducing our very first Real Mom Friday Story by Marisa Friedman

Three Generations of Sass!

Every summer we spend two weeks at my mom’s house outside of Boston. This summer my mom and I were driving in the car when my daughter decided to talk to me as if she was the parent and I was her child.

Now let me take a minute to describe my daughter Grace, who is four going on twenty-four. She prefers ceasar salads over chicken nuggets and has been carrying a purse around with her since she could walk. She also told me at the age of 2 that when she turned 3 she would be drinking wine, chewing gum and have a baby in her belly.  I am sure you can all relate and know a four year old just like her.

This was not the first time Grace spouted off her demands in a sassy tone.  The girl is known for having a sharp tongue.   I took a deep breath, found my Zen and calmly reminded her that as her mother, I was in charge and it was unacceptable for her to speak to me that way.  I asked her if she needed me to use my stern voice so that she would remember this. She quickly replied no and apologized. Huh, easy enough. No fight = win for me.  I was patting myself on the back for my amazing parenting job, when my own mom, sitting next to me in the car, started bugging me about something. Probably something along the lines of… “Marisa be sure to (fill in the blank)”.  Naturally, I responded in the way any child would. I told her to leave me alone and let’s just say I didn’t say it in the nicest tone.

Two seconds later Grace chimes in saying, “excuse me mommy, isn’t Mimi your mommy?” At that point I knew exactly where this was going!  “You are not talking very nice to her.” Before I could get the words out of my mouth my mom was repeating exactly what I had told Grace with a big grin.  She told me that she was my mother and in charge. She wanted to know if she needed to use her stern voice so that I would remember this. I quickly told her no and apologized.  Strangely enough this was not the first time disrespectful words poured out of my mouth, nor would it be the last.  I wonder where Grace gets it.

I know my mom is having the last laugh as she constantly reminds me that any lip I get from Grace is just payback for how I treated her.  You’re right mom…you are in charge.


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