Something to Chew On: 3 Ways to Ease the Teething Trauma

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You are finally getting it. The nap schedule is
consistent. The crankiness from the fourth trimester has subsided. You are
fitting into your jeans and beginning to feel “normal” again. And then…………”BAM”,
right out of the blue your little one turns from somewhat predictable, to not
at all. Her usual sweet face is now fussy and full of drool. She is always
shoving something including her fist, inside that tiny mouth. Your baby is
teething, and your schedule and calmness just got turned upside down. According
to the website, teething can start as young as 4 months and
continues until 2 years old. During this time, babies can experience symptoms
similar to being ill including: diarrhea, rash, low-grade fever, fussiness, and
low appetite.

 All babies are not created equal. Some moms will notice the pearly whites without a sign from the baby that they are coming in. While others, will experience what I did, and feel helpless and sad for their uncomfortable little one. Rest assured, there are ways to make this time much less traumatizing for you both. Here are three tips to keep everyone happy.

 1. Use Natural Products to Ease the Pain

I remember when my daughter was teething; the products on the market were controversial. Today we are lucky to have an amazing product from Wellements Baby, called “Teeth Relief”. This product is made from 100% natural ingredients so moms don’t need to worry about adverse reactions. These ingredients include: Olive Oil, White Willow Bark Oil, Clove Oil, and Natural Vitamin E. The composition of this product will help soothe your baby’s gums and may help with inflammation. Because it is safe, you can reapply as often as needed.

2. Go with the Flow

It is great for everyone to have baby on a schedule. However, don’t let small changes stress you out. In the first two years of a baby’s life there are so many physiological occurrences that it is nearly impossible to maintain 100% consistency. During teething time, your little one may want to be held more or may take shorter naps. Know that this time will quickly pass and getting back to a normal routine is the important part.

3. Give her Something to Chew on

Everything will find their way into baby’s mouth during this time because it just feels better to have something rubbing against their sore gums. It’s good to have a few eco-friendly “chewables” on hand so your baby won’t take your keys. Some awesome products include, Sophie the Giraffe and Green Sprouts Cornstarch Teether. Another simple solution is a cold, wet washcloth. Store it in the refrigerator for an hour and it will feel great on baby’s gums.

We are always looking for more tools for teething. Do you have a natural remedy to share?



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