Will you be one of our REAL MOMS??

Attention Real Moms

Yes you, the one reading this.  The one who knows what it’s like to be in the trenches.  The one who knows what it’s like to wake up at 5 to baby, only to have woken up three times before 5, once for crying baby, once for crying toddler, one more for crying baby (whilst husband remains peacefully asleep).  The one who’s capable of getting 50 things done before 9 am..

  • Toddler breakfast attempt 1
  • Baby bottle and diaper change
  • Beg toddler to eat breakfast
  • Answer husband request for missing clothing item
  • Toddler breakfast attempt 3 while arguing over cartoon toddler thinks should be on tv but isn’t
  • Clean up toddler breakfast now on floor
  • Toddler bath while dressing baby
  • Baby spit up on clean clothes
  • Husband second request for missing item most likely in place he last left it
  • Toddler out of bath taking sweet time to get dressed
  • Toddler clothing argument about shorts in 50 degrees weather – toddler wins
  • 30 minute countdown to being late to preschool
  • Pack toddler snack
  • Pack diaper bag
  • Toddler has one shoe on can’t find the other
  • Grab baby ready to load car
  • Crap! Baby still has spit up on formerly clean clothes
  • 12 minutes until officially late
  • Baby spit up will have to wait
  • Other shoe found but toddler refuses to wear
  • Husband let’s you know we are out of coffee creamer
  • Threats to toddler begin
  • Toddler cries but allows shoe to be put on
  • Baby in car
  • Toddler in car
  • Kiss husband goodbye
  • Glance in car mirror to make sure you are not complete mess (acceptable for two day old dirty hair)
  • Toddler cries due to must have toy that got left on counter
  • 5 minutes until late, toy must stay home
  • Toddler cry turns to screams which immediately turns to stage 5 meltdown
  • Arrive at school
  • Baby out
  • Crying toddler out
  • Last attempt to sooth toddler by some sort of bribe
  • Baby poopy diaper smell appears
  • Toddler drop off success
  • Change diaper
  • Baby back in car
  • Deep breath

It’s now 8:45 a.m. (feels like 8:45 p.m.) but the day already feels like success – only Dr. appt, grocery shopping, dry cleaners,  laundry, playdate, dinner left to worry about today.  Just another day in the life of a Real Mom.

Does this sound familiar? Well then you are exactly who we are looking for.  WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  We want to hear a day in the life…your stories, funny things, your mom struggles, your experiences, advice…anything goes!   We know if you are going through it, other mom’s are too…and it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one. Check out some of our Real Mom Stories here.

Every Friday we will be featuring one of YOUR stories on our blog.  Please send us your real mom story, there are no special requirements…only that it’s real!  You can email to ttinney@wellements.com.




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