After frustration and a long search for a remedy for colic for triplets, Gripe Water helped this family. It can help you too!

Dear Wellements,

I have to tell you having triplet boys 6 months ago has been challenging. After the boys spent 2 weeks in the hospital we brought the boys home. After 4 weeks of not getting any sleep and endless hours of them crying and being fussy, we asked the doctors in there was anything we could do with them crying and not sleeping through the night. The doctors told us they would grow out of it and also gave us other ways to prevent them from colicing (warm towel on their stomach and rubbing their stomachs in a circular motion). All three of the boys had colic and discomfort after every feeding and nothing seemed to be working. Then we heard about Wellements Gripe Water.

I was at the point where I would try anything to get them to sleep through the night & stop crying. I went and bought the bottle of gripe water and the salesman told me he gave it to his daughter and within minutes she stopped colicing and ended her discomfort. I was like yeah right, but I had to try something. I went home and gave it them straight from the bottle. Within 5 minutes of giving the gripe water to them they stopped fussing and seemed less fussy. They started to sleep better through the night. This was a relief and I gave the pediatricians the information I had on gripe water. They now recommend it to a lot of patients for crying, fussing, colicing and sleepless babies.

Now, 6 months later we are still giving the gripe water to them at every feeding and they sleep very well. We thought after this long we could stop giving it to them but found out very quickly they needed the gripe water every feeding. We have also used it for our 3 year old daughter when she has an upset stomach and it helped with her discomfort. I am a true believer in Gripe Water and how it works. I will continue to buy it and give it to my children.

I will tell everyone that I know about Wellements Gripe Water and recommend they order or buy it.

Thank You!!!

Mick, Val, Lexi, Troy, Brody and Colby

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