What others are saying about Wellements Baby....

Dear Wellements, I love your product! Your gripe water has been a lifesaver. I’m a mom of a 6 mo. old and we started buying gripe water about 3 to 4 mos. ago. If I would have known how great it was I would have bought it sooner. My daughter was very colicky. I was hardly getting any rest & staying very tired till we tried your product. She slept so peaceful the 1st night we gave it to her. My husband and I make sure we keep it in the fridge at all times now. Just had to write you guys and tell you how thankful we are for your product. Our daughter even likes to take her dose. She hates to take all other medicines we have had to give her in the past. Thank you guys bunches for your wonderful product! We will continue to buy your gripe water and we have told all our friends about how wonderful it has been. Thanks a million!

-Jessica M.

Your Gripe Water is the best thing since sliced bread. I wish I would have found it for our first son (who was severely colicky), but at least we made its discovery in time for our second son. I call this stuff our magic juice and recommend it to anyone who will look at me long enough to hear about it. We use it for our 3 month old for all the "traditional" reasons, for our 2 year old when his stomach is upset, and for ourselves when our stomachs aren't feeling up to snuff. I can't stress enough how well it works; its effects are literally instantaneous and I can rest easy knowing the ingredients are gentle and safe. I know I am dangerously close to sounding like an advertisement but we are so, so grateful for your Gripe Water. We will never go without one in our fridge and one on standby again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Hannah P.

Ferris was colicky for three hours every night for a few days. Then I discovered Gripe Water! He is happy and content. Thank you so much for this amazing product! I recommend it to every pregnant woman I know!

-Stephanie C.

Thank you so much! ! I LOVE this stuff and we tried other brands (like on a trip to Texas and the only store we found with any gripe water was Texas and it was another brand, it did absolutely NOTHING but waste money) and I recommend your brand to everyone ! I don’t think people realize how awesome it is with teething too, not just with Colic :)

Denise M.

I have been using Wellements since a couple weeks after my son’s birth in January 2011, he is now almost 4 1/2 months old and has been teething since 3 months and has been restless and CRANKY for a couple weeks, I started using the gripe water to help with his teething yesterday and he is so much calmer and happier and actually sleeps longer now. AMAZING product! THANKS YOU SOOOO MUCH Wellements Baby!

-Jessica D.

Wonderful product which saves our sanity when our baby girl of 8 weeks has an upset tummy and gas pains. Within a few minutes, she is calmed down and resting comfortably and so are we! I recommend this product highly!

-Brenda C.

I got my travel size gripe water in the mail today! Thank you! I will let you know how it goes! :-) I bought a friend of mine her first gripe water the other day because her baby had a very upset tummy, a few minutes after taking it he was right to sleep and happy!

-Cheryl G.

Gripe water saved my life as a new 1st time mom.

-Heather B.

My 2 month old son has been given gripe water for 4 days now…what a change it’s made! He is smiling constantly and is very close to a laugh! What a wonderful product!!

-Kristie W.

Thank YOU!!! Spencer was fussy for over a week… hadn’t cracked a smile in a few days and is now happy and content after one day of Gripe Water!!

-Aftin E.

It’s magic. Hiccups disappear moments after the first drop hits their tongue. How do they DO that???

-Jeremiah M.

I started using this stuff one morning on my little one who has tummy issues and that first he slept 9 hours straight! He also stopped have huge spit-ups!

-Heather T.

Love this stuff!! Helping with my teething sons belly!!

-Jennifer M.

Gripe water . . . you saved my sanity!! =]

-Jenn R.

GRIPE WATER ROCKS!!! Like dew from heaven…

-Ruth B.

I’m a total gripe water believer nothing can change my mind my baby is 1 and we still use it if he gets upset tummy or gassy among other things.

-Leigh Ann B.

For this little one gripe water is a must in our house hold with her belly discomfort it’s a life/night savor.

-Annette H.