We’re parents too and know the importance of using only safe products for our kids. That’s why we want you to know exactly what we put inside our Wellements Baby products. We carefully select only the highest quality ingredients and test them for safety and purity.

Only the best for your little one because safety is our top priority!

Citric Acid: This ingredient is naturally derived from citrus fruit and helps regulate the pH of our products, keeping them fresh and shelf stable.


Citrus Bioflavonoids:
Citrus bioflavonoids are derived from fruits high in vitamin C. This blend of different fruit extracts acts as a natural preservative.


Clove Oil: This essential oil comes from the clove plant and is known for being a natural but gentle numbing agent.


European Elder Flower and Berry: European Elder is a small tree that produces both the elderflower and a small purple berry known as elderberry. Both the flower and berry have been used for centuries as a safe, natural and effective remedy for upper respiratory ailments, colds, cough and bronchitis. Elderberry has been shown to boost immune function and help relieve symptoms faster.


Filtered Water: Water that has had everything removed from it … but water.


Galactooligosaccharides: This is a prebiotic derived from lactose that is made up of the sugars glucose and galactose. Galactooligosaccharides are known to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon and intestines, and can help with constipation and digestion.


Marshmallow Root: This root has long been used in traditional medicine to help with respiratory symptoms such as sore throats and dry coughs. It works as mucilage, producing a thick sticky substance that coats the membranes and soothes inflammation.


Natural Vitamin E: This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and is known to boost immunity, help keep body tissues healthy and promote healing when applied topically.


Olive Oil: This heart healthy oil pressed from olives can be found in kitchens everywhere and is known for its many health benefits. It is used in our formula to nourish and soothe gums.


Organic Agave Fructose: Agave fructose is a natural sweetener derived from the agave plant. The agave fructose we use is organic, meaning it comes from plants grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals.


Organic Chamomile: This plant has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and can help with digestive ailments including stomachaches and cramping. Chamomile is known for its calming effect and is perfect for soothing an agitated baby. It can even help your little one rest, as it is known to induce sleep.

Organic Fennel:
This licorice flavored plant consisting of bulb, stalk, leaves and flower, has been used for ages to help with digestive troubles. Fennel is known to help with gastrointestinal cramping, indigestion and intestinal gas while being one of the best natural fighters of inflammation.


Organic Ginger: An age old root with a long history of helping with digestion, nausea and upset stomachs.


Organic Pomegranate Juice Concentrate: The antioxidant power in pomegranates provides the perfect way to provide a subtly sweet fruit flavor to our Organic Gripe Water.


Organic Prune Concentrate: Prunes are known for their mild laxative properties and can be the perfect gentle way to help with constipation.


Organic Vegetable Glycerin: Glycerin is widely used in herbal formulas for its naturally sweet taste and its ability to keep all of our herbs mixed together.


Sodium Bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate is a very safe, naturally occurring ingredient that is widely known to be helpful in reducing stomach acid. We use a small amount along with our herbal blend to help your baby’s tummy feel better! We also use this to balance and maintain the pH of our product. Sodium bicarbonate is on the list of ingredients considered safe by the FDA and the amount we use is far below the recommended daily allowance for infants.


White Willow Bark: While willow bark may be one of the oldest natural herbs used to treat inflammation and gently soothe away minor aches and pains.